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Hypersomnia takes place in a world where dreams are discovered as a form of multi-dimensional travel. There exists an organization called Hypersomnia that's dedicated to conquering these worlds and finding Heaven. Those who join Hypersomnia serve under Sandman and get to live in the Hourglass, while all others are cast out to the Cradles. Isaac wants Sandman out of the picture, and takes on a superhero persona to do just that. With the help of his brother, Arthur, they head out so see what they can find from Sandman's headquarters only to be stopped by Sam, who believes she has a better plan for them... Updates Sundays!

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Taking a break

Didn't post yesterday since it was valentines day and I've been suuuuuuper busy! New page this next Sunday though!

Late update

I was sick as a dog all of Sunday which is why there was no update, Will try and post a new page later today!

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